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VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) satellite TV, is the High Definition Television Service, that is suitable for people in remote black spot and poor reception areas.

Having installed hundreds of Vast systems now, these are GREAT and VERY reliable, 100% perfect 99% of the time………….NICE šŸ™‚

If you canā€™t get quality TV through a standard TV antenna then VAST is for you.

Tasmanian’s who canā€™t receive digital TV services from transmission towers in their area will be able to access the full range of digital TV programming from the Vast TV satellite service.

The Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) service will be operated by Southern Cross Media and Imparja, and is funded by the Australian Government. So no monthly subscriptions. It will ensure access to free-to-air TV for viewers in black spot areas.

The VAST service will also provide high definition channels and a dedicated local news channel in addition to state-based ABC and SBS news services on their respective channels.This includes standard definition programming broadcast byĀ Southern Cross MediaĀ andĀ Imparja, sourced from theĀ Seven,Ā NineĀ andĀ TenĀ commercial networks and their new digital channelsĀ GO!,Ā 7TWOĀ andĀ ONEHD, as well as all of theĀ ABCĀ andĀ SBS channels, includingĀ ABC2, ABC3, ABC4Ā andĀ SBS TWO.

Eligible viewers will be able to activate their access ā€˜smart cardsā€™ online by going toĀ

The channels on offer depend on what part of Australia that you live in, but VAST will provide the same number of channels that people in capital cities can receiveĀ includingĀ ONE HDĀ (SPORTS),Ā 7TWO,Ā GO, and more.

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