Next G Internet Antenna Reception Problem Fixed

Bad Wireless Next G Reception Fixed in Acacia Hills last week!!

Hi everyone, after this person (who we will call Jody for this post), tried 2 different internet antennas, from a large well known company . . . to no avail & at best was lucky to be able to get texts on her phone, Jody gave me a call.

So I went out there and tested her location with my locally made antennas & managed to get her 4 Bars of service . . . . she was getting 1 now and then with the other antenna, well Jody was over the moon . . . it meant that she could now keep in contact with her family & friends on her mobile phone, as she was on a great plan & had no landline!!


We ended up getting her another (patch lead) and now she uses it for her internet as well . . . . seems amazing, that you can be 10 minutes from the 3rd BIGGEST City in Tasmania & have none or next to no reception . . . . TV included 🙁



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