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Hi, Rob here from Live Wire Antennas,
This is a work in progress web site, so PLEASE be Patient with me, as I’m out installing TV antennas & Satellite (Sat) TV all day.

Our blog is about anything and everything related to antennas in North West Tasmania. Our aim is to share some information and provide advice on a range of antenna related topics. As leaders in installing and repairing antenna systems in North West Tasmania, we’re well placed to share a little of what we know, and answer your antenna related questions along the way.

With the switchover to Digital TV there’s quite a lot that you need to know both with the switchover as well as what’s involved to make sure you get a great digital picture on your TV. The switchover to Digital TV affects everyone, and could mean that you need new equipment, such as a new TV, set top box and antenna system installed so that you can continue to receive free to air TV. We’ll be covering what the switchover is about. . . . and the benefits and what it means for you. . . . . .

For more Digital TV News Go to:Digital Ready TV

Digital TV and Sat TV Installation
I install VAST sat TV in those BLACK SPOT AREAS, that there are plenty of. . . .in and around the North West of Tasmania!! I was at Mole Creek on Monday doing one, Wilmot on Tuesday & Turners Beach on Wednesday, getting people sat tv and all the digital channels!!

At least people in bad areas can now get ALL the DIGITAL & HD CHANNELS via Sat, if they can’t get it with an antenna!!

Quick funny one for you. . . .  was at a place in SHEFFIELD last week to fix there reception for them, as they were in one of the MANY average tv reception locations and they had a brand new 42″ Panasonic TV coming. (There first digital tv)

Got it sorted reasonable quickly having LOT’S of experience in the area, but had a bit of trouble with a hidden splitter . . . . you won’t believe where the bloody thing was, it was in a pillion covered in gyprock, don’t know what idiot electrician put it there . . . the owner couldn,t remember his name!! The things you see in a day -:)

I said to the guy’s wife, don’t worry got a gyprock saw, so I can soon cut a hole in the pillion & get it out, (Don’t think she saw the funny side of that).

It was a wierd shaped house & the pillion had a whole lot of wiring in it going from the top floor to the next, the owner told me.
I found a solution without having to cut a hole in the pillion . . . . after a minute or 2 of thinking . . . . so the owners were as happy as Larry !
Anyway tea is ready so better get into it
Chat soon!!
PS Any questions give me a ring or a BLOG or email, and I will do my best to help!!
PH: 0439 088 733

4 thoughts on “Interesting House”

  1. Hi Rob, sounds like you had an interesting day with the hidden splitter….but dosen’t surprize me that you found where it was as you certainly know your work and this is what counts….David & Sonya who gave me your name are certainly HAPPY with there tv reception, since you found it when nobody else could, over 500mt’s away they told me, sounds like you like a challenge

    I learnt the hard way and got stung when i got the local electrician up to do some reception work and what a desaster that was, they don’t mind charging the high prices and walking away un-finished (tv still pixalating) and leaving a mess….

    Thank god you know your stuff and you get the job done in good time, even though you were fixing up a stuff up of some one elses……The reception hasn’t been this good EVER!!!! Thanks Rob for coming out as quick as you did and for fixing the problem as quickly as you did…..

    So food for thought and take some advise from me anyone who reads this blog….Don’t call a electrician to do your telly stuff as it will cost you the earth and it won’t be fixed…..Call the expert first….

    Thanks again Rob for your good workmanship…..

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Glad I could help & get it sorted for you!!
      Yes I see all sorts of dodgy stuff in a week that have been done by people, without the latest equipment and yours (no offence to you), was just one of many!!

      SORRY for the delay in replying to you, it’s only a new web site & haven’t been checking it all the time . . . . still improving the website when I get a minute here & there!!

      Glad your happy and if you have any further questions or problems . . . I am only too Happy to Help!!



  2. First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your marriage, hope you had a wonderful honeymoon….I thought it was a good message you left on your mobile for when you got hitched over the christmas period…

    Thankyou for coming out so promptly when you got back, and for fixing up our reception problems that 3 others failed to do, cos of our really bad location, and for putting in the 3 extra outlets in the house, this certainly has kept the kids happy, now being able to have their own tellys, they can watch what they like, and this keeps hubby and i happy, as now we get some our time again….

    Thanks again and wish you all the best in the future…


    Lisa & George

    1. Hi Lisa & George,

      THANKYOU & No Problems, it was a Pleasure to meet you both & to sort out your Pixelating TV, that you have had trouble with for years!
      Glad the TV points in all the kids rooms are keeping everyone happy & giving you guys some time to yourselves.

      Just give us a call when you’ve finished builing that shed George and I can put an outlet in & mount that tv on the wall for you!!

      Okay Guy’s, all the best & Take Care!!



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