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Next G Internet Antenna Reception Problem Fixed

Bad Wireless Next G Reception Fixed in Acacia Hills last week!!

Hi everyone, after this person (who we will call Jody for this post), tried 2 different internet antennas, from a large well known company . . . to no avail & at best was lucky to be able to get texts on her phone, Jody gave me a call.

So I went out there and tested her location with my locally made antennas & managed to get her 4 Bars of service . . . . she was getting 1 now and then with the other antenna, well Jody was over the moon . . . it meant that she could now keep in contact with her family & friends on her mobile phone, as she was on a great plan & had no landline!!


We ended up getting her another (patch lead) and now she uses it for her internet as well . . . . seems amazing, that you can be 10 minutes from the 3rd BIGGEST City in Tasmania & have none or next to no reception . . . . TV included 🙁



Back at Work and fixing plenty of pixilating tv’s

Hi to all,


Hope you all had a Great & Safe Christmas & New Year . . . I sure did!!

Plenty been happening so far this year, been bloody hot too!!

I was down in Port Sorell earlier this week, fixing a pixilating tv . . . the ladies husband had rewired everything using what “he was told” was the best cable to use . . . well it wasn’t and was far from the best quality . . . got to watch some stores!!

As it happens,  he did a good job with the cabling, but that wasn’t the  problem with the digital reception or the cause of the pixilating tv.

Port Sorell has a lot of spots that certain stations are hard to get, anyway replaced the antenna he got sold from the same store (think he was going to take it back, for a refund), with the correct QUALITY antenna (not some chinese JUNK that some installers use) for the average reception location they were in.

Then using my latest testing equipment, (not guessing like electricians), I then found a very good location and angle for the antenna, installed a booster (mast head amp) and finished up on the roof!!

I then went down and tested my work at the tv outlet and all was good, went to reset the tv and manual tune all the missing channels back in . . . . and here is the MORAL OF THE  STORY, the Tv had a very average tuner in it, not that uncommon & I was expecting it with the brand of tv that they had!!


Quite often the tuner in a $50 – $100 Set Top Box (STB) are better than tv’s!!!!

I went and got a loan STB and plugged it in to the tv . . . . and ALL WAS FINE!!!

They just couldn’t believe that they could pay $2,000 for the lattest model name brand tv, that does everything . .. . internet YouTube ect!!, and a $70 STB works perfect & the TV plays up a bit!!!

I see that every week in my travels & think the makers of some tv’s should be ASHAMED of themselves!!

They were taking the tv back to get a full refund, and getting my recomendation for there replacement tv!!


Chat Soon,


Interesting House

Hi, Rob here from Live Wire Antennas,
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With the switchover to Digital TV there’s quite a lot that you need to know both with the switchover as well as what’s involved to make sure you get a great digital picture on your TV. The switchover to Digital TV affects everyone, and could mean that you need new equipment, such as a new TV, set top box and antenna system installed so that you can continue to receive free to air TV. We’ll be covering what the switchover is about. . . . and the benefits and what it means for you. . . . . .

For more Digital TV News Go to:Digital Ready TV

Digital TV and Sat TV Installation
I install VAST sat TV in those BLACK SPOT AREAS, that there are plenty of. . . .in and around the North West of Tasmania!! I was at Mole Creek on Monday doing one, Wilmot on Tuesday & Turners Beach on Wednesday, getting people sat tv and all the digital channels!!

At least people in bad areas can now get ALL the DIGITAL & HD CHANNELS via Sat, if they can’t get it with an antenna!!

Quick funny one for you. . . .  was at a place in SHEFFIELD last week to fix there reception for them, as they were in one of the MANY average tv reception locations and they had a brand new 42″ Panasonic TV coming. (There first digital tv)

Got it sorted reasonable quickly having LOT’S of experience in the area, but had a bit of trouble with a hidden splitter . . . . you won’t believe where the bloody thing was, it was in a pillion covered in gyprock, don’t know what idiot electrician put it there . . . the owner couldn,t remember his name!! The things you see in a day -:)

I said to the guy’s wife, don’t worry got a gyprock saw, so I can soon cut a hole in the pillion & get it out, (Don’t think she saw the funny side of that).

It was a wierd shaped house & the pillion had a whole lot of wiring in it going from the top floor to the next, the owner told me.
I found a solution without having to cut a hole in the pillion . . . . after a minute or 2 of thinking . . . . so the owners were as happy as Larry !
Anyway tea is ready so better get into it
Chat soon!!
PS Any questions give me a ring or a BLOG or email, and I will do my best to help!!
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