Back at Work and fixing plenty of pixilating tv’s

Hi to all,


Hope you all had a Great & Safe Christmas & New Year . . . I sure did!!

Plenty been happening so far this year, been bloody hot too!!

I was down in Port Sorell earlier this week, fixing a pixilating tv . . . the ladies husband had rewired everything using what “he was told” was the best cable to use . . . well it wasn’t and was far from the best quality . . . got to watch some stores!!

As it happens,  he did a good job with the cabling, but that wasn’t the  problem with the digital reception or the cause of the pixilating tv.

Port Sorell has a lot of spots that certain stations are hard to get, anyway replaced the antenna he got sold from the same store (think he was going to take it back, for a refund), with the correct QUALITY antenna (not some chinese JUNK that some installers use) for the average reception location they were in.

Then using my latest testing equipment, (not guessing like electricians), I then found a very good location and angle for the antenna, installed a booster (mast head amp) and finished up on the roof!!

I then went down and tested my work at the tv outlet and all was good, went to reset the tv and manual tune all the missing channels back in . . . . and here is the MORAL OF THE  STORY, the Tv had a very average tuner in it, not that uncommon & I was expecting it with the brand of tv that they had!!


Quite often the tuner in a $50 – $100 Set Top Box (STB) are better than tv’s!!!!

I went and got a loan STB and plugged it in to the tv . . . . and ALL WAS FINE!!!

They just couldn’t believe that they could pay $2,000 for the lattest model name brand tv, that does everything . .. . internet YouTube ect!!, and a $70 STB works perfect & the TV plays up a bit!!!

I see that every week in my travels & think the makers of some tv’s should be ASHAMED of themselves!!

They were taking the tv back to get a full refund, and getting my recomendation for there replacement tv!!


Chat Soon,


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